Best nail art designs 2024

Best nail art designs 2024,Nails are a way of expressing yourself and how you present yourself to everyone. They can show how creative you are from within and are like a mirror of your personality. Nail art can be sophisticated and difficult to do on your own.

Well, who doesn’t love a professional manicure?

Best nail art designs 2024, A professional manicure makes your hands look clean and fresh, but as we all know getting a manicure by a professional from a good quality place can be quite expensive. There is an option in which you can have a soothing manicure by yourself at home, and it would not even be bad on your pockets.

Having a manicure by yourself is not as difficult as it seems to be, rather it is quite easy and fun as well. You can do more than just a single swipe of colour, many best nail art designs 2024can be done on your own. Painting your nails at home besides helping you save some money can also be therapeutic. Painting your nails doesn’t have to be an alone thing, it can also be a fun girl’s night activity and you can also do these best nail art designs 2024 on each other.

Best nail art designs 2024

Here is a list of best nail art designs 2024 that you can do by yourself perfectly:

1.Pastel mismatch(Best nail art designs 2024)

Best nail art designs 2024

Pastel shades are very popular nowadays and look so cute. All pastel shades are very soothing to the eyes and you can make a statement by using different shades of pastels that can be quite eye-catching. This nail art idea is very easy and probably the cutest. These colours will go with almost every outfit of yours. This nail art gives a very Disney princess vibe.

2.Wavy reds

Best nail art designs 2024

Best nail art designs 2024,Red is a classic colour even when it comes to nails. This nail art idea is classic as well as easy. The steps are very simple: use a neutral shade as a base, apply one or two coats of it, then use a detailed brush to draw these beautiful red waves over it.

3.White strips

Best nail art designs 2024

This nail art is probably the most chic and easy. You can use any of the neutral shades as your base and add some white stripes over it. You can make the stripes horizontal or vertical, it’s all up to you. You can use a gloss over it to give your nails a shiny appearance like a gel.(Best nail art designs 2024)

4.Golden stripes

Best nail art designs 2024

This nail art design is very similar to the white stripes nail art design however, you can choose the golden stripes in place of white stripes if you don’t want a casual look for your nails. These golden stripes will go perfectly with a blingy outfit for a party or an outing with your friends.(Best nail art designs 2024)

5.Statement star

Best nail art designs 2024

Nothing can be more simple than drawing a star. This nail idea is easy, simple and classic. You can use the base of your favourite colour and add a simple start accent on any of your fingers. You can choose anything rather than a star like a tiny cute red heart or a simple flower design. You can use a gloss over it to give your nails a shiny appearance like a gel.(Best nail art designs 2024)

6.Black and white nails

Best nail art designs 2024

If you don’t want your nails to be all colourful or blingy and you don’t have a disney vibe then this nail art idea is perfect for you. This is very basic nail art design and yet looks super stunning. You can use a white base with a black strip on it or vice versa. Moreover, you can also choose if you want the strips to be vertical or horizontal. This nail art design

7.Polka dot nails

Best nail art designs 2024

This nail art design is a classic. The polka don’t nail can be black and white or colourful as per your choice. You can use your favourite colour  for the base and as many colours for the dots as you want. This design on completion gives a sophisticated look but is very easy and simple to do

8.Duo-tone nail art

Best nail art designs 2024

This nail art design will look like a manicure done by a professional. In this design each nail has something unique of its own and looks quite interesting. Make sure to use a clean nail brush in a proper shape, and use a gloss to have a shiny gel like appearance.

9.Colourful French tips

Best nail art designs 2024

Another nail art design giving all Disney vibes. When you don’t want to paint your nails completely but still want them to look a bit prepared then this nail art idea is the best option for you. You can use all your favourite shades preferably pastels on your  french tips.

10.Shimmering French tips

Best nail art designs 2024

This simple nail art design is an alternative option for Pastel French tips if you want a shimmery look for your nails. You can rock these nails as the golden French tips will make a statement and be quite noticeably stunning.

Artistic Nail Art Design: A Craft

The artistic side of becoming a nail technician is highlighted in this section. We examine the craftsmanship that goes into nail art and how it has developed into a vibrant form of individual expression.(Best nail art designs 2024)

1.Creative Process

Nail Art Design is a creative process to design different different nail style

2.Motivating Factors

Seasons, holidays, pop culture, and fashion trends are many sources of inspiration for nail artists. We will go over how various sources affect nail art.

3.Instruments and Methods

To produce complicated designs, nail technicians employ a variety of tools and methods. We will highlight some of the instruments and procedures frequently used in nail art.


The adaptability of nail art enables customization. We will talk about how talented nail artists can modify designs to display clients’ personalities and tastes.


Q.1 How can I do nail art on my nails on my own?

A. You can get yourself a manicure like a professional by following very easy steps. Make sure that you have some nail painting brushes and you’ll need some nail paints according to the design of your choice. You can choose anyone among the best nail art designs 2024.

Q.2 Can I do nail art on my natural nails?

A. Yes, you can absolutely do nail art on your natural nails and it will look as stunning as it will look on acrylic nails. However, there are some nail arts which can only be done on acrylics or extensions.

Q.3 What are some of the easiest nail art ideas?

A. Some of the easiest nail art designs are Pastel mismatch, polka dot nails and colourful French tips. These nail art ideas are perfect for beginners and still look very stunning on everyone.

Q.4 Which finger nails should have nail art?

A. Although you can have nail art on all of your fingernails, it is recommended to have nail art on one or two accent nails to give a professional look to your nail art.(Best nail art designs 2024)

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